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Testings with RF2013 – boat main

Next weeks I will share with you some tests done during the testing RF2013.

This is the first, a simple scene using HYBRIDO-II

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.70 GHz – System RAM 12GB
34 million particles – 7 hours

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Size does matter!

This week I made a very big and newbie error in a set up scene, the grid domain is too big. Next pictures show the difference between adjusting the GD to the full scene and only to the simulation volume.

Always try to adjust the GD to the simulation volume and you will get a better simulation performance, in this case I get double number of particles, with less number of cells and more frames simulated and approximately using same time for the calculation (Simulated in a quad-core).

Resolution: 100.000.000, Simulated Frames: 102, Simulation Time: 14h 38m, Particles: 4.732.376

Resolution: 50.000.000, Simulated Frames: 176, Simulation Time: 15h 47m, Particles: 9.479.624

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