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D_Splines and Grids

This post is not very interesting, but I was playing a little bit with Daemons and Grids and get this paint fiber look.

I got this fluid using a grid and a D_Spline daemon, nothing special! It was rendered with Mental ray RFRK Mesher.



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These days I was looking for information about whirlpools. Here some links:

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Giant ocean whirlpools puzzle scientists

Demopolis Lock Whirlpools!


I found some threads in the forums and was playing arround  this subject. By now I have not great results but think it is quite easy to get interesting results using vortex and DSplines daemons.

First test I did was with partcle base fluids, the problem is you need a lot of particles.

These are some tests using HYBRIDO where you can generate a lot of particles, in this tests I have used few cells so they are not showing a lot. In the first example I used a simple vortex, the other three a DSpline gives you more control and let you play with several configurations, animating parameters and its layers.  Now I am working on the other layers of the simulation, splashes , spray, foam, etc.

Some test scenes.

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Filter Daemon… ¡that Great Unknown!

This is one of my prefered utilities, the Filter Daemon. You can use it to kill, separate or split particles into more, it is a really cool tool. The best of this daemon is it saves time in scripting similar tools and computation time, because it is built as other multithreaded daemon in the core of RF. I´ve used it in this example to fake a melt effect.

This video shows the filter evaluating the position in Y axis.

In this example is being evaluated  pressures.

You can download the scenes from UpDown and Pressure.

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