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How to animate no animatables attributes with graphs.

There are some attributes in RealFlow that cannot be animate, for instance, all the ones start with a @blablabla.

You can create a py script or use some graphs nodes in conjunction with py code.

This graph is really simple, it use a null object in the scene to transfer the animated channels to the non animatables channels or attributes from other nodes in the scene.


This is a workaround for the SetParameterNode that is not working properly in the actual version.

This graph should be pluged to the FramePre o StepPre folders in the Simulation Flow panel. For setting the inputs you need to select the “Edit Graph input parameters” button and a dialogue box appear to set the nodes and params.


This is the animation curve will be applied to the non animatable attribute.


Thanks to NextLimit Team for the help.

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Script: stopByOverflow

icon-Script   This time I offer you a helpfull script to avoid RealFlow simulating with disks fulls. With HYBRIDO is very usual to full the disks with a big ammount of data, this script will stop the simulation when the limit of free space was reached.

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Preview .mov generator script

Batch script to create previews in mov format and compressed in Windows. It needs DJV or Ffmpeg,  download Djv and Ffmpeg software and uncompress whatever you like.

When they were installed open the script and change “program” variable paths, don´t forget to replace  back slashes by double back slashes(\\). Simply select the window and execute it or load the script in RF GUI.

I could not test it a lot but I did not  found any important bugs, you can add more options to the command line created, all of them are in the help section its respective web sites.

This method is really similar to an old post published in this blog.

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