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Print your settings

A good way to remember your settings when doing testings is printing them in the preview videos.

Switch on the option  “Show Preview Caption” in the menu  “View”, copy and paste this lines in a new script in the simulationPre tab, you can add whatever parameters you want:

emitter = scene.getEmitter("yourEmitter01")

visc = emitter.getParameter("Viscosity")

st = emitter.getParameter("Surface Tension")

scene.setPreviewCaption("Viscosity: " + str(visc) + "\n" + "Surface Tension: " + str(st))


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Export node selected to XML format, save your presets!

The Exporting XML option that you can found in the Export/Import menus is a good way for saving your Presets for any node in the scene. I use it a lot in my projects, for this reason I did this simple script for exporting to XML the node selected. The script creates a xml folder in the RF project where all xml files will be saved and let you choose two types of suffixes, Time in seconds or user defined.

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Get all Parameters

I guess most of advance users know this, but this version of RealFlow has included a large list of improvements in scripting. One I use a lot is the getAllParameterNames(). This function let you know all parameters has the node evaluated, for instance open a batch script window and write


This gives you a list of tuples (may be a little bit unsorted) with the name of all the parameters and its type accessible via scripting, is an easy and quick way to check the parameters list in the node you are working with.

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