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Crowd Flow: old tests

Looking in my old stuff I found some comparative videos I would like to share, these are not really relevant but could help anybody to have a better understanding of this tool.

Sorry! In some videos attribute values  are not  showed.


Aproach Slope

Aproach Speed

Aproach Strength

Outer Boundary

Cover Speed

Cover Scape Limit

Cover Outer Limit

Cover Inner Limit

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Having a look to this reference video for a possible project I get to work on it.

At the beginning I tried to get something similar in RealFlow using a simple set up with filter daemons and supported by some python scripting which generate some trail particles, the main concept was to get three layers of fluids, water, snow and vapour to render them later using Render Kit.

Once finished the simulation I started to test with Mental ray/Render Kit using  Mesher, Particler and Cloud in Maya. Although I did not spend a lot of time on the vapour particles to get a good behaviour as mist I think it could get better results transferring the particles to a Mist Domain with a high-resolution to obtain a good volumetric effect.

The fact is you can get really good results using Maya Fluids and RealFlow simulations, in this example I used two layers of particles rendered by using RFRK and another layer using the snow particles from RealFlow as Fluid emitter in Maya.

I want thanks to Florian Koebisch from NextLimit forum his advises about Maya Fluids.

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First contact with Rigid Bodies.

From the release of RealFlow 5.0 I haven´t the opportunity to play a lot with its rigid bodies solver “Caronte”.

In the last days I had to do some tests for a commercial and have to say I am getting very good impressions with the stability of the new solver, the Fracture tool is really appreciated.

The scene is a simple primitive cone fractured in 3700≈  pieces of bath salt and affected by a DSpline daemon.

This is a first contact.

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