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Speaker & paint simulation

This time I bring you and experiment I did some time ago based on the promo from Canon Pixma. For this experiment I use Maya and the AudioWave node that you could find in the Bonus Tool pack.

First of all create a simple scene in Maya, you would need a polyPlane with enough resolution.

I created with Soft Modification Tool a node to deform the plane surface, it is quite easy, the out from AudioWave drives the translation Y axis in the softModification node.


In this case study I useed Hybrido in order to get the maximum number of particles in less time possible, but I suppose it is possible to get better results with SPH (particle base fluids).

The experiment is simulated in 25 fps, so you could do simulation in 500 fps as in the references but you would need to do extra work as bake the animation in Maya into 500fps.

This is the result.


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Membrane: Dancing fluids

More old stuff, I did this using Hybrido. I have not enough memory to render it but is cool anyway.

I did it animating a surface geometry in a similar way as a membrane in a speaker, around 25 millions of particles.

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Get velocity script

This time a script to get the velocity of any node in the scene, very useful to analize collisions, evaluate timing or get the real velocity from objects from animated shots.

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