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Graph: Convert rpc files into bin files

This graph converts a given rpc sequence into bin file sequence.


You only need to set the paths for sequence.

String_01: Rpc file path sequence.

String_02: Bin file path sequence.

This graph can be executed in an empty scene.

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How to animate no animatables attributes with graphs.

There are some attributes in RealFlow that cannot be animate, for instance, all the ones start with a @blablabla.

You can create a py script or use some graphs nodes in conjunction with py code.

This graph is really simple, it use a null object in the scene to transfer the animated channels to the non animatables channels or attributes from other nodes in the scene.


This is a workaround for the SetParameterNode that is not working properly in the actual version.

This graph should be pluged to the FramePre o StepPre folders in the Simulation Flow panel. For setting the inputs you need to select the “Edit Graph input parameters” button and a dialogue box appear to set the nodes and params.


This is the animation curve will be applied to the non animatable attribute.


Thanks to NextLimit Team for the help.

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