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These days I was looking for information about whirlpools. Here some links:

10 Magnificent Maelstroms

Magnificent Whirlpools and Maelstroms: The Nature’s Own Jacuzzis

Whirlpool Facts and Myths

Giant ocean whirlpools puzzle scientists

Demopolis Lock Whirlpools!


I found some threads in the forums and was playing arround  this subject. By now I have not great results but think it is quite easy to get interesting results using vortex and DSplines daemons.

First test I did was with partcle base fluids, the problem is you need a lot of particles.

These are some tests using HYBRIDO where you can generate a lot of particles, in this tests I have used few cells so they are not showing a lot. In the first example I used a simple vortex, the other three a DSpline gives you more control and let you play with several configurations, animating parameters and its layers.  Now I am working on the other layers of the simulation, splashes , spray, foam, etc.

Some test scenes.

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