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Moprhed particles are not rendered with RFRK_Cloud

If you have a Morph Daemon affecting your particles in a simulation that later will be rendered with RFRK_Cloud, you could experiment memory problems. This is due to the values stored in particles by the Morph Daemon as a result the RFRK_Cloud in Autodesk Maya need to be tuned for render it correctly and avoid the memory problem.
Given next example:

The left emitter is not affected by a Morph but the right is affected. In order to get rendered correctly the right one simulation  you will need to decrease the “Radius Scale” a lot. A good starting point is “0.00015”….. yes!!, it is a very low value, but works!!

For a better comprehension, the left emitter is the Fill_Object01 emitter and the right one is Fill_Object02 which have diferent values per particle attribute .

Morph and RFRK_Cloud allow you create really cool effects.

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