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Create emitter versions using IDOCs.

In RF5 you can have another use of IDOCs (Independent Domain Of Computation), you can use them to store several results of the same emitter without create new one or a new scene. You  only need to add as much IDOCs as versions you want. Please, have a look to this video!!

In addition to this you can combine this tip using the exporting to xml option After simulate, select the emitter (or even the full RF scene)  and export them with the same IDOC name so you could have saved and stored your sims and emitters presets. This tip let you store all your presets for every node in the scene.

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  1. […] IDOC Subversions script. This script helps you to create IDOCS for selected nodes, so you could save subversions of the emitters in the scene without to change the name of the emitters or create endless versions of the scene. Very suitable in cases where you need to keep versions of the simulations as showed in the past post about IDOCS. […]

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  2. How do I use IDOCS when more stuff changed then only the emitter paramters… like I’m trying to achieve a affect and working to the direction of it. After three IDOCS I realize that I need a new daemon or something new that isn’t used in the first three IDOCS. Shure I put these also in the exclusive links and export that as well as XML, but do I need to put these in the IDOCS as well? Or what? 😉 Cheers

    Comment by JannisSingh | August 30, 2012 | Reply

  3. No, you only use IDOCs to sim different emitters or parameters. If you are changing the scene it is much better to save it as new file.
    I use to export the emitters as xml giving a name that identify with the IDOC, is the only way you don´t lost your changes.
    IDOCS only affects things will be exported as fluids or meshes.

    Comment by jalixko | August 30, 2012 | Reply

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