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How to calculate the radius of a particle?

Now in RF5 you can add user attributes to the particles to use in render process, for instance the radius. To calculate you need at least the resolution of the emitter.

r = 1 / ( 10 x rEmit ^( 1 / 3 ) )


r is radius

rEmit is the resolution of the emitter

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How to create swell using expresions?

In scenes where you need to simulate shore waves, crest waves or simply breaking waves against the coast or cliffs, it is very useful the use of expressions. Expressions can be added to the  most node attributes  in RealFlow, using them to add cadence of movement or variability.

Imagine we are trying to simulate the coast where waves break against the rocks. You need to move the water or create a similar ocean movement.  Have a look to next video for better understanding of what I mean.

  In this set up I used an expression to control the cadence of the waves.

Maths are not my forte, 🙂 sorry,  so I´ll try to explain how works the expression I´ve used:

Given the expression



a was the Force Amplitude that will give the Wave Height

b was the sharpness of the pulse

c was the frequency of the pulse that will produce the Wavelength

This give you a force that produce a wave with a natural cadence. This is not a physically correct formula, if you want to know more about oceans have a look to internet, is full of articles about this field, these ar some of them:

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Visualizing forces from Daemons.

This tip can help you to visualize how forces from Daemons are affecting your particle system.

First create a Mist node in the scene and scale it covering the volume of your daemon, then  set the Bounded attribute to Yes and set Show velocity field to Yes.

Then press simulate.

You could see several lines or arrows indicating the force directions and their magnitude.

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