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Neither does the sea sleep!

This simulation is part of the work from Pamen Pereira, a renowned artist in contemporary art. Neither does the sea sleep! (Tampoco el mar duerme!) , in this piece, Pamen Pereira has reduced the boundless sea that never sleeps until confining in a container of furies , metaphor or transcript of emotions. To carry it out has had the latest technology in the field of 3D applied to the movement of fluids with Real Flow simulator.

I participated doing all simulations, render and lighting. This project took me a very long time due to the length of simulations and took several weeks to do a lot of tests for the finals simulations.



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Graph: Create Scene simulation folders (revised 17/10/2014)

This graph helps to order your sims in folders related to your name scene.

To use it , plug it in the SimulationPre folder in the Simulation Flow Panel.

It has a little problem in the updating cache process, so it is possible when you open the scene next time you will need to execute the graph clicking on the “Execute Graph” button before update the cache in order refresh the global variable with the name of the scene.

This graph is similar to the old  script IDOC Subversion script.























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Graph: Adding Age Channel to Domain Particles

Domain particles in RealFlow does not contain any channel to allocate the age value, but this does not mean that you cannot  calculate it. This graph adds a new channel called “age”. It is very useful to do operations with particles like filtering and transferring, deleting or even changes particle properties as we will see in futures graphs. If you open the compress file from the link you will find two folders, the SimulationPre folder contains two graph files that have to be plugged into the SimulationPre folder, in the same order of their names. Inside the StepsPre folder there is another graph file that must be plugged to the StepsPre folder.


screenshot_age2                       screenshot_age3             screenshot_age4

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